Leveraging Creative Potential for Sustained Innovation & Growth

Set Innovation Strategies

I need help in making innovation a strategic priority throughout the entire organization. 

  Innovation Strategies Workshop
                 1-3 day workshop

After engaging in this facilitated workshop participants have been observed:

  • Making better decisions and taking actions based on strategic need- not just in the urgency of today
  • Achieving buy-in 

Program Objectives:
For an expanded version of this page which lists the educational and behavioral objectives, rationale for the programs, and partial list of applications, click on this site page link:  Set Innovation Strategies Expanded.


Next Step:
   Give us a call at 724-816-4999 or email MaxWilson@MaxInnovationGroup.com to
                          schedule a time to discuss you or your organization’s innovation needs. 


Max Wilson
Max Innovation Group
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